Don’t Go To Church

Don’t go to church.  Don’t read the Bible.  Don’t sing worship songs.  What!?

Going to church doesn’t do much for you unless you’re there to worship and seek God.  Reading the Bible does nothing unless you actively try to apply its principles to your life.  Singing worship songs is pointless unless you are doing it for the simple purpose of praising God.  Any of these things done for appearances, or because you think you’re supposed to, or because you think that’s how you get into heaven, is a waste of time.

Instead of going to church, seek God.  As it turns out, church is a great place to do that!  It can be done anywhere though.  Instead of reading the Bible, study God’s word.  That just happens to be the Bible by the way.  Beyond just reading, consider a Bible study.  Instead of singing worship songs, praise the Lord.  There are many ways to do that, one of which is singing worship songs.

There is another mode of thought I have though.  It sounds bad, but it’s this: fake it until you make it.  Let me explain.  Some people might have a life changing spiritual experience, others might not.  If you never have that experience, how can you ever find your way to Christ?  There may be events that prompt you to turn to Him, but without some great awakening, can you really come to know Him?

This is where my experience comes in.  I had a major event that prompted me to turn to Him, but at the same time it wasn’t any great spiritual awakening.  When I eventually came around to going back to God as the solution to my issues, I wasn’t sure what to do beyond just go to church.  Since I had spent most of my life believing in God while still doubting His existence, I still had doubts because I hadn’t ever really experienced Him.  So what was I to do?  It occurred to me to essentially fake it until I made it.  Of course, fake it isn’t exactly the right term.  I was earnestly seeking Him, it’s just that since I hadn’t experienced Him before, I didn’t know what I was doing so much.  I did know that the more I sought Him the more I would find Him.  So that’s the kind of faking I’m talking about.  Maybe I should come up with a different saying!  Seek Him until you meet Him.  Seek Him until you see Him.  Eh, I’ll work on it!

I guess the going through the motions part would be more for someone who has been a Christian for a while and has gotten into a rut for lack of a better term.  And the faking it part is more for a potential or relatively new Christian.  However, everyone, non-Christian, new Christian, and old Christian, should be continually seeking God.  The more we seek, the more we find.

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